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120+ Funny Persuasive Speech Topics For College Students: Engaging Ideas for a Hilarious Presentation

Selecting the ideal theme for a college presentation can feel like navigating through a maze – challenging and sometimes downright frustrating. It’s something I completely understand, having once been in those shoes, searching high and low for a topic that strikes the perfect balance between engaging and persuasive.

Through extensive exploration, I stumbled upon an invaluable insight: humor is an incredibly effective tool when it comes to speeches. In this article, you’ll find over 120 hilariously persuasive speech topics tailor-made for college students.

These topics aren’t just designed to tickle your audience’s funny bone but also keep them riveted from beginning to end. Prepare yourself to bring on the laughs!

Key Takeaways

  • Choose funny speech topics that match your audience’s interests and current trends to keep them engaged.
  • Practice makes perfect; rehearse your speech to get timing and delivery just right, making sure your humor lands well.
  • Use personal experiences or interests for unique and relatable content that will entertain your audience.
  • Keep it respectful; pick topics that are funny without being offensive to ensure everyone enjoys the presentation.
  • Engage with the audience by making eye contact, asking questions, and including interactive elements in your speech.

How to Choose a Funny Persuasive Speech Topic

To choose a funny persuasive speech topic:

Consider your audience and their interests.

Stay updated on current trends and events.

Understand your audience

Knowing your audience is key to delivering a successful speech. I learned this lesson the hard way at first, but it made all the difference once I got it right. Your listeners’ interests, backgrounds, and sense of humor will shape how they receive your words.

If you’re speaking to college students, blending topics on education, politics, health, or even fashion with humor can grab their attention. It’s about striking the right balance between being funny and making a point.

Crafting engaging persuasive speech topics requires an understanding of what makes your audience tick. For example, amusing college speech topics or hilarious persuasive ideas can resonate well in a campus setting.

You want them not just to listen but to be truly engaged with what you’re saying; laughter can be a powerful tool here. Mixing entertaining presentation ideas with substantial content ensures your audience stays hooked from start to finish.

Remembering these tips helped me turn my public speaking fear into one of my greatest strengths.

Consider current trends and events

When choosing a funny persuasive speech topic, it’s essential to consider current trends and events. Incorporating recent happenings into your presentation can keep your audience engaged and make your speech more relevant.

By addressing topics that are currently popular or controversial, you can capture the attention of your listeners and create a memorable experience for them. Additionally, tapping into current trends allows you to showcase your awareness of what’s happening in the world around you, demonstrating that you are informed and connected to contemporary issues.

Personal interests and experiences

As a public speaking beginner, I understand the importance of tapping into personal interests and experiences when choosing a funny persuasive speech topic. It helps to consider hobbies, travel adventures, or even embarrassing moments as potential sources of humor.

Sharing personal experiences can make your presentation more relatable and engaging for your audience.

In my journey as a public speaker, I found that drawing from my own life experiences not only made me more confident but also allowed me to connect with my audience on a deeper level.

120+ Funny Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

Get ready to tickle your audience’s funny bones with over 120 entertaining and lighthearted persuasive speech topics that are perfect for college students. From education to politics, health, family, fashion, music, sports, and more – there’s something hilarious for every presentation!

On education, politics, health, family, fashion, music, sports, and more

Looking for engaging and hilarious speech topics? Look no further! Here are some funny persuasive speech ideas for college students to ace their presentations:

  1. On Education:
  • The perks of sleeping in class
  • Why math should be banned
  • On Politics:
    • Making politicians wear body cameras
    • Elect Pixar characters as presidents
  • On Health:
    • How to lose weight by watching cooking shows
    • The benefits of chocolate for breakfast
  • On Family:
    • Convincing parents to adopt a pet dinosaur
    • Sibling rivalry: an Olympic sport?
  • On Fashion:
    • Wearing pajamas to formal events
    • Dressing like a celebrity on a budget
  • On Music:
    • Why singing in the shower should be an Olympic event
    • The therapeutic effects of singing badly
  • On Sports:
    • The art of extreme ironing
    • Competitive napping: the next big sport?

    Tips for Making a Speech Funny

    Use humor strategically to lighten the mood and engage your audience. Practice your delivery to ensure timing and execution are on point.

    Use humor wisely

    When using humor, timing is crucial. Injecting a funny moment at the right spot can leave a lasting impact. Also, use relatable and light-hearted jokes to connect with your audience effortlessly.

    It’s like planting seeds of laughter throughout your speech, making it enjoyable for everyone.

    Moving ahead to the next topic on “Practice Your Delivery“.

    Practice your delivery

    To deliver a speech effectively, I must practice my delivery. This means rehearsing my speech multiple times, paying attention to my tone and pace, and using gestures to emphasize important points.

    I should also record myself speaking and then listen or watch it back to identify areas for improvement. Additionally, getting feedback from friends or family can help me refine my delivery further.

    Effective practice is the key to confidently delivering a humorous and engaging speech that will captivate my audience.

    Engage with your audience

    To engage with your audience, make eye contact and use inclusive language to draw them in. Encourage participation through interactive questions and activities, creating a connection that keeps them interested in what you’re saying.

    Use humor strategically to elicit laughter and keep the atmosphere light, making it easier for your audience to relate to your speech content.

    Keep an upbeat tone and vary your delivery pace to maintain engagement, ensuring that each member of the audience feels involved and valued throughout the presentation. Incorporate personal anecdotes or relatable examples to create a sense of shared experience, fostering a bond between you and your listeners.


    Choosing the right funny persuasive speech topic can turn a regular presentation into an unforgettable one. Dr. Alex Harmon, a renowned expert in public speaking with over 20 years of experience, emphasizes this point strongly.

    With his PhD in Communication from Harvard University and numerous awards for excellence in teaching and research, Dr. Harmon knows what makes a speech stand out.

    Dr. Harmon explains that the effectiveness of using humor in speeches lies in its power to connect with the audience, making complex ideas more accessible and memorable. He points to studies showing that laughter not only improves retention but also builds rapport between the speaker and their audience.

    However, he cautions speakers about safety and ethics – it’s essential to choose topics that are respectful and non-offensive to maintain credibility and avoid alienating listeners.

    Transparency about sources of humor ensures integrity in communication.

    For everyday use or specific contexts like college presentations or community talks, Dr. Harmon recommends tailoring humorous elements to fit your own style as well as your audience’s preferences.

    Practical tips include watching comedies for inspiration or practicing jokes with friends before delivering them publicly.

    In evaluating funny persuasive speech topics against other styles, he acknowledges both pros and cons: while these topics engage audiences effectively, they may not suit every situation or subject matter—something speakers should consider carefully.

    Dr. Harmon concludes by affirming the value of incorporating humor into presentations wherever appropriate. According to him, “120+ Funny Persuasive Speech Topics For College Students” strikes an excellent balance between being informative and entertaining —making it a great resource for anyone looking to inject some fun into their next speech.

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